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No humans were used in the creation of this record. One human was harmed during this recording. Everything comes from within.
credits. released 16 May 2015
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Marylin Manson - Deep Six + Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

“Deep Six” and "Third Day of A Seven Day Binge" are the first two singles from the upcoming ninth studio album “The Pale Emperor” by American rock band Marilyn Manson.
Co-written by Marilyn Manson and Tyler Bates. It was released on iTunes on 20 Dec 2014. The album “The Pale Emperor” was scheduled to be released on 23 January 2015 via Hell. 
256kbps AAC.

Deep Six Single
third Day Of A Seven Day Binge Single



Oh My Godflesh! New EP.
"Most of the material, bar the slightly redundant 'Dogbite,' lives up to this calibre and it not only makes for an excellent ep but an exciting teaser for the future album. If Decline and Fall is any indictator, said album is shaping up to be one that could live up to, and possibly surpass, some of their classic works, all because they gaze into the past through the future."(Sputnik.com)


Swans - To Be Kind (2014)

Let no one say Michael Gira doesn’t have something to say and the will to say it: 2014s To Be Kind is the third album from the Swans since he reassembled the band in 2010, and it’s his second album in a row that spans two discs and runs over two hours. Gira likes to work on a large musical canvas, and he gives himself all the room he needs on To Be Kind...

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To Be Kind (2014)


Evilminded: DemoNs (2012)

We are back again with some badass demoNs from our dear Evilminded, always blowin´up your mind with hardcore grindcore.
Rarities, demos and insanity from the EvilMinded vault. 1999-2012
This is the final release for 2012 and marks the beginning of the end. Stay tuned!
Fans of the project and noise lovers, REJOICE!
Includes a 10 minute video assault.
Best of all, did it just for the cause on Bandcamp!


How To Destroy Angels > Welcome Oblivion (2013)

Welcome Oblivion doesn't swing the same industrial hammer that pounded Nine Inch Nails into some unforgettable singles, it's often every bit as dark and unsettling... and with a full album's room to explore, the band has now grown into a more distinctive and memorable shape. Even when it's slightly off the mark (and let's face it, not even NIN's legendary output has always been dead-on), this record is still a compelling experiment and a chilling lights-out listen. (http://www.fearnet.com/news/review/how-destroy-angels-welcome-oblivion-%E2%80%93-cd-review)

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HTDA Welcome Oblivion (2013)


Mysticum In The Streams Of Inferno (1996)

Outstanding blistering black metal with an industrial edge, though the bulk of this comes from the band's utilization of a drum machine that purposefully sounds nothing like a live drummer. As well, some ambient/industrial sections are dispersed throughout, mainly found within the first and final tracks. The combination of these two factors gives this album a very unique sound rarely found in the multitude of carbon-copy bands that were pouring out of Scandinavia around this time. (discogs.com)
In The Streams Of Inferno


The Berzerker: Animosity (Bonus disc) 2007

The album sounds fleshier and more organic than The Berzerker ever was. I kind of like it this way, it’s sickening, with a wonderful artwork. It’s also very suitable, because of the increasing grind elements. (sputnikmusic.com)



Evilminded Lady cadaver Ep (2012)

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NIN: The Slip

'The Slip' presents itself as an ALBUM instead of just a collection of hopeful hits . In fact, 'The Slip' only really lets you down twice: the exceeding length of the reflective and moody instrumentals mid album, and the monotony of 'Letting You'~ a song so redundant as to be annoying. Skip over 'Letting You' and the first half of 'Corona Radiata' and you will have one of the better albums produced in the last decade. (therockczar.com)

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Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child

This outing, tinted with touches of techno/industrial, is generally strong. Though less bombastic and more mysterious than earlier efforts, Satan's Child boasts tried-and-true bottom-heavy riffing and searing guitars mixed in with mysterious, quieter interludes, making it a suitable selection for musical madness on Halloween, and beyond. Katherine Turman


Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child


Jesu Conqueror (2007)

Jesu returns with nearly an hour of weighty, otherworldly heaviness that defies the default designation of metal. The opening titular cut has as much in common with early Pink Floyd as it does with band member Justin Broadrick’s other outfits, Napalm Death and Godflesh. That said, there's plenty here to enrage the savage beast, such as the dark and detuned opening of "Old Year," the icy epic "Mother Earth" and the recording's centerpiece, the restless and imaginative 10-minute Flaming Lips-esque "Weightless and Horizontal," which displays the band's debt to space rock without apology and without any sacrifice of aforementioned heaviness. As good as Conqueror is, it's hardly the band's masterpiece. The work laid here suggests that Jesu has much more exploring and refining to do but this recording is as good a place as any for listeners to begin anticipating the moment when this outfit climbs up from the underground to reap the rich rewards it so clearly deserves. A fantastic and darkly inspiring work. (Jedd Beaudoin)


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Jesu Conqueror (2007)